If you’ve decided to move to Florida, then welcome to The Sunshine State where you can enjoy beaches, recreational activities, and some of the best weather on the east coast.

If this is your first big move, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make. Selecting Florida insurance coverage, however, should be the one activity that eases your mind. Ideally, you should opt for coverage that helps you feel secure in your new life and new home.

Every state has its unique features, and Florida is no different. To get started deciding what coverage is important for Floridians, and which ones you might not have thought about, we’ve outlined which unique insurance coverages can help.

Pet Insurance

You’ve packed your bags and enrolled your kids in new school programs… but we thought we’d remind you of one of the last types of coverage people think of: Insurance coverage for your pup or pet. According to the National Pet Owner’s 2019-2020 Survey, 77% of Americans own a pet. If that’s you, and if you’re thinking of moving to Florida, now is the time to consider reasonable rates to make sure your furry friend is protected.

When planning a move, you’re bound to have many things on your mind already and many new costs. Depending on the illness, veterinary visits and surgeries can be pricey. In the case of illness, you’d also need to shop around for a new vet and try out new doctors. Be wise and nail down coverage now, so you know that your beloved pet will be well taken care of no matter where you are.

Car Insurance

No matter which state you lived in previously, you already know you’re going to need car insurance. However, every state has different expectations and regulations. Did you know that in Florida, both personal injury protection (PIP) and liability insurance are mandatory? Ten thousand dollars is the minimum requirement for each of these coverages.

You’ll also need to seek out new insurance that covers you in the state of Florida specifically; otherwise, you won’t be able to register a car or drive. Start shopping around now to find the coverage that’s perfect for you.

Flood Insurance

It can be frightening to think about, but it’s the truth: Floridians pay for their beautiful climate with the risk of storms. Just recently, the state has experienced record-breaking storms. You always need coverage in the state of Florida for this recognized risk to your home and property. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) supports building flood insurance and possessions flood insurance. These coverages are for flooding caused by hurricanes or storms.

You’ll want to think about how much coverage you need. In addition to the foundation of the home, you’ll want to consider any valuable equipment, vehicles, antiques, or other items you would like coverage for. While condo owners only need coverage for possessions, homeowners will generally require both types of coverage.

While these are some insurance coverage ideas that can help ease your mind when you embark on your move, you shouldn’t shelve all the other opportunities to create a secure future in Florida by way of insurance. If you enjoy traveling and think you’ll go abroad during the sizzling summer months, you might need vacant home insurance. You can also opt for umbrella insurance coverage, which can help you tie up any loose ends without leaving out any extra liabilities. Whichever Florida insurance coverage you choose, just be sure to look into your plan well in advance of coming to the state, so your journey can be a pleasure.