Every year as football season approaches, many of us can’t wait to indulge in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the season. For most of us, tailgating is the best way we enjoy the season and celebrate our favorite teams and players in the company of our friends and family. However, the excitement, rivalry, and adrenaline of charged games can often turn disastrous if not properly handled. Consequently, it’s essential to have an insurance policy that gives you the freedom to enjoy tailgating season in style and covers you against unforeseen accidents and property damages.

Scenario 1: A Grill That’s Too Close to Property

One of the best ways to enjoy football tailgating season is to fire up a grill and enjoy your favorite barbecue with your favorite beverage in hand. Unfortunately, the excitement sometimes makes even the best of us overlook some safety measures. When a grill is involved, always ensure it’s not close to any valuable property that can catch fire. Inevitably, balls will be tossed around, and there’s always the risk of it going into or knocking the grill over. So, position the grill in an open area, at least 10 feet from any valuable property, and be sure to always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

However, sometimes the unthinkable happens, which is why it’s always advisable to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage in case of a freak accident.

Scenario 2: The Broken Glass Hazard

It’s not uncommon for people to break glass bottles in excitement or frustration during their favorite game. This often happens after the game and in the parking lot. In your haste to leave, you may run over broken glass shards and end up with punctured tires that require your car to be towed. Rather than dig into your pocket to pay for the tow and repairs out of the blues, having the right insurance policy will ensure you’re back on the road in no time.

Scenario 3: Lost Jewelry Claims

Lost jewelry claims make one of the largest payouts most insurance companies settle during tailgating season. Jewelry can get lost, stolen, or damaged in many ways. So, if you have expensive or valuable jewelry, you might want an insurance policy that protects them.  Better yet, whenever going out to enjoy a game with friends, lock away valuables and leave them at home or in the car but out of sight, so they don’t attract burglars.

Scenario 4: Out-of-Control Emotions

The heat and adrenaline of a won or lost game often spark varying emotions among fans and players. Things may get heated, and an argument might ensue. The next thing you know, a stranger accuses you of defamation, libel….or worse. Your costs may spell financial doom without an umbrella to cover that potential liability.

Types of Insurance You Need for Tailgating Season

Tailgating safely means being prepared in case of any eventuality. Here are the most essential insurance covers you need for the season:

  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance: This will come in handy in a scenario where a football pummels through your windshield, a malicious fan spray paints your vehicle, the car is stolen, or the grill falls over accidentally, and your car catches fire.
  • Homeowner Insurance: Homeowners’ insurance is essential in all seasons, but more so when people are emotionally charged, like during tailgating season when burglaries and vandalism are common. Fortunately, most of these policies also insure jewelry up to a scheduled amount.
  • Personal Liability Insurance: This type of coverage protects you financially against claims of third-party bodily injury and property damages for which you’re held legally responsible.

Bonus Content!

Don’t think tailgate incidents can happen?

This is almost just as “Mayhem” from Allstate predicted. A fan at a recent Miami Dolphins game pushed a grill under a vehicle which then caught the vehicle and nearly a dozen others on fire! Luckily, most fans had already entered the stadium for the game, but there were eleven really unhappy fans after they returned to the parking lot.

Check out the video of the fire here.